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Where is the list of supported currencies ?

With 115 bank accounts in our global network and 55 currencies (and counting) to make a transfer with, chances are you can OFX it.

Along with all the major global currencies, we have a wide range of exotic currencies to choose from. Simply select your currencies to transfer with in our currency converter and we’ll tell if you can make a transfer and how long it should take.  

Check out the full list of supported currencies.

How long does a bank to bank transfer take?

A bank to bank transfer is a reliable and safe way to send money, but how long does it take for a bank to bank transfer to go through? The length of time required to transfer your money will depend upon factors that include:


  • Bank holidays

  • Weekends

  • The currencies that are involved in the transaction

  • The payment method that you use

  • Whether it’s a domestic or international transfer

  • The company you choose to make your money transfer


Typically, an international bank to bank transfer could take anywhere from 2-5 business days with most banks. 


How long does a bank to bank transfer take with OFX?

  1. Once we receive the funds from your bank (this usually takes half a business day), we’ll transfer the funds to your recipient using our local bank account in your recipient’s home country, which helps to expedite your transfer. (This system also means your recipient is less likely to have to pay a fee to receive a foreign transfer.)

  2. Depending upon your recipient’s country, it generally takes 1-4 business days to complete the entire process of receiving your funds and sending them to your recipient. 

What is the pricing for Payments API ?

We do have a competitve pricing model which suits any size of business, from startup to enterprise. Contact our sales to get the pricing today.

Where can I find more information about Payments and Funds ?

You can check the General OFX FAQ page for payments and banking questions or simply contact us if you have any questions. 

Where can I find Payments API documentation ?
Do you support callback notifications ?

Not at this stage, but we are working on it. 

You need to pull information from OFX to get the status of your deal via Get Deal API call.

What is the service uptime for Payment API? 

We provide 99.8% uptime for Paymens API product.

We also offer SLAs and Resolution times. Please contact us for more information.

Where can I find more information about the support model ?

Contact Us for more information. We do provide 24/7 support model with 4 levels of support, SLAs and guaranteed uptime

Where can I monitor the status of API ?

Check out our status page, it is 24/7 monitoring tool.

How to get informed about any service outages ?

Once we have finalised the customer onboarding and all legal and compliance agreement has been done, we will add your email addresses into the Customers Notifications list to inform you about any planned maintenance windows or outages.