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How to register?

The registration process is quick and easy, just click the Register button and follow the instructions.

Please note: You will be asked to accept the Terms of Use.  We will then send you an email that will contain an acitvation link and instructions on what do next, click or copy and paste the link we send you and then click through to enter a password.  Once you have done this you will be able setting up your OFX Payment API applications.


I haven’t received an Activation email, what do I do now?

Although the activation email should be received immediately, please allow up to 1 hour due to limitations in some mail servers.

You can also check your SPAM folder as some mail servers fo mark Activation Emails as SPAM.

If after the hour, you still haven't received your activation email you can use the Forgotten Password or you can contact support

How do I get get an invitation code?

The OFX Developer Portal requires an invitation code in order to register.  Please Contact Us to request one and one of our Sales Representative will contact you shortly.

How do I update my profile settings?

Once you have logged a "My Account Icon" will be shown in the header, hover your mouse over the icon and a menu will be shown, click on the Profile & Settings option and follow the instructions.

How do I change the password?

Click on Profile & Settings after logging in and change your password.

What is the My Apps section?

My Apps section allows user to manage applications and get an access to the OFX APIs.

Login and click on My Apps to view the page.

What is the Application?

Application is the logical name for your service, mobile app or any platform. Choose the name of your Application to associate the API access keys to the OFX APIs.

For example, if you want to integrate your mobile app called “MyBank” with OFX, you can easily call the Application MyBank in MyApps section.

How to create an application and access an API ?
  1. Follow the My Apps section and click Create App.

  2. Provide your Application name and Callback URL.

  3. Click Create App and wait for your application to be approved.

Once approved, you can easily use your API keys to access OFX APIs

What is the Callback URL?

The Callback URL is your server or Mobile App URL, designed to receive API callback Notifications from OFX. For example, it is used in OAuth Access Code grant flow, where OFX redirects the Access Code back to your redirect url.

Read API Documentation for more details.

What are the Terms of Use?

Read our Terms of Use

How do I get started?

Just follow documentation at