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OFX opens up its Payment API to partners looking for international scale and efficiencies.

As a leader in the payments space we’re already powering some of the biggest names in global money transfer and now opened up our API to partners and developers to foster long term digital payment innovation.

At OFX we want to broaden the innovation that our Payment API can spark by giving developers the first hand access to fast, simple and efficient better-than-bank exchange rates that can integrate with existing business processes.

Our main objective was to build a solution that allowed our partners to use our services seamlessly so that they could automate international invoices, payroll and mass supplier payments, and allow their business to grow. With a dedicated developer portal at the heart of our strategy, partners and developers get access to plug-and-play RESTful APIs, clear documentation, a developer community, and best of all, the security of competitive exchange rates in 55+ currencies from an ASX-listed company.

Our Payments API allows you to get the cross-border payments quote using lifetime exchange rates, manage recipients and then stores them securely in our database to book international payments. We take security and customer experience seriously, which is why we have chosen to protect our APIs by the OAuth 2.0 web security protocol.

With a 24/7 team on hand to support new customers and our developer community,  great service availability uptime, high industry standard SLAs and a comprehensive Getting Started guide, we’re excited to build new partnerships looking for international growth.   

Our early adopters at Octet have seen immediate process efficiencies after a seamless integration.   

“Our developers were  confident that the OFX Payments API was  simple and easy to work  with  and superior to the alternatives on the market. Once the decision was  made, we were  integrated within a couple of working  days.

We saw  our processing costs drop significantly in 6 months.”

Michael Rom, COO at Octet.

At OFX, we strive for continuous improvement through customer feedback. We will be constantly releasing new features to make OFX the developer’s first choice in global transfers.