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Your opinion is important for us. We listened and understood that for easier integration with Payments API and faster Deal Creation process, you need various events being pushed to your service instead of constantly pulling them from OFX.

We are excited to announce that we have added a Notifications callback to the Payments API product, available for all users.

The new feature allows you to specify a URL for the OFX Payments API to push events to, by adding a new header - “callback-url” - to the Deal Creation API request.

We started with the “DealCreated” event, which contains the Process Id and Deal Id or Error. The event is pushed to your listener URL service via POST command.

We also support the nonce value if you would like to add extra tracking, correlation or security to your service. Just add another new header - “callback-nonce” - to Deal Creation API request. The nonce value will be returned back to your callback url together with event.

Thank you to all our beta users who report on their experiences as we continually work to improve the product – we’re loving reports that Deal Creation speeds are increasing (as unnecessary API traffic decreases).

As always - check our documentation for more details, and contact us for support.