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The Payments API that lets you scale, simplify and save

If your business wants 24/7 access to global currency markets, you can use the OFX Payments API to get outstanding exchange rates across all your automated international payments. If you do high-volumes of overseas payments, let us help you simplify transactions with international suppliers, staff or merchants.

Plug and play with RESTful APIs

With one simple integration, you can connect to over 55 currencies and reach 190 countries. Why build it yourself when you can access our world-class platform and scale overnight?

Automate your payments securely

When you use our API to make more efficient, automated payments, you could save on your international money transfers. Naturally, all network traffic is encrypted and we’re regulated by over 50 regulators globally.

Why OFX?

Developers first

Register and test in our sandbox environment, get documentation and simple ‘Get Started’ guides.

Streamlined accounts

Store recipient details in a single repository and help minimise input errors.

Stay ahead

Give your business the edge you need by taking advantage of our global payments infrastructure.


OFX powers some of the biggest names in money.